Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cambodia of ASEAN Chairmanship 2012: One community one destiny

Press Statement
on the Theme of Cambodia’s Chairmanship of ASEAN 2012
“ASEAN: One Community, One Destiny.”

1. It is an honour and privilege for Cambodia to assume the ASEAN Chairmanship in 2012
for the second time, since it last chaired ASEAN in 2002-2003. The Chairmanship of
ASEAN will mark another historical milestone for Cambodia to ensure that the ASEAN
Summits and other related meetings hosted by Cambodia would have strategic
significance and political importance that will further contribute to the ASEAN Community

2. The rationale for Cambodia to choose the Theme “ASEAN: One Community, One
Destiny.” for 2012 is to reflect the will of the peoples of ASEAN to continue working
together to build the ASEAN Community for all of its peoples, with the vision of “One
Destiny” for all peoples. Cambodia will do its best in the ASEAN spirit of belonging to the
same family and the same community.

3. As the ASEAN Chair for this year, Cambodia, in close cooperation and with the support
of all ASEAN Member-States, will continue to work on ASEAN’s current priorities, as
• Work toward attaining an integrated, connected, people-oriented, rules-based,
peaceful and prosperous ASEAN Community. ASEAN will continue to encourage the
participation of its peoples and other stakeholders of ASEAN in the community
building process, based on the ASEAN’s three pillars, namely political-security
community, economic community and socio-cultural community.
• Instill in the ASEAN peoples a spirit of unity in diversity, enhance greater
understanding among its peoples, and encourage youth participation in the ASEAN
Community. ASEAN needs to further promote greater awareness and build common
values among its Member-States about its culture, history and civilization. ASEAN
also needs to further promote greater interaction, networking and solidarity and
mutual understanding.
• Further enhance the rule of law and good governance. ASEAN continues to promote
dialogue and partnership among governments, private sectors and relevant
organizations to come up with new ideas, concepts and working methods to enhance
transparency, accountability, participatory and good governance.
• Enhance human rights promotion and protection within ASEAN, including the drafting
of the ASEAN Declaration on Human Rights as early as possible.
• Maintain and enhance ASEAN centrality in the evolving regional architecture. ASEAN
has to show its ability to serve as an attractive centrality in regional frameworks,
particularly in the ASEAN Plus One, ASEAN Plus Three, ASEAN Regional Forum
(ARF), ASEAN Defense Ministers’ Meeting (ADMM) Plus and East Asia Summit

4. To ensure its long-term development in the evolving regional architecture it is in
ASEAN’s best interest to envision beyond the building of the ASEAN Community beyond

5. To achieve the ASEAN’s above priorities and to maintain the momentum of ASEAN’s
progress, there is a need for Cambodia and ASEAN to work in concert to implement the
ASEAN Roadmap, to continue making steady progress in the ASEAN Charter
Implementation, ASEAN Connectivity and ASEAN Community building, and at the same
time to further advance ASEAN’s relations, cooperation, and partnerships with all
Dialogue Partners and Friends of ASEAN.

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